New “Urban Room” to be established on Old Kent Road seeking funding

A view of Old Kent Road

 Action Old Kent Road  have launched a campaign to fund a dedicated space on the Old Kent road where residents, businesses, researchers, planners, the council and developers and others can come to discuss, debate and plan the future.

This includes the Bakerloo extension which will cost £3 billion, bringing the tube into south London.

The “Urban Room” will also be a place where anyone can drop in to view easy to understand models, with up-to date plans of the area being freely available for people to consult.

Speaking to JLDN, Councillor Richard Livingstone called the Urban Room “a thoroughly good idea”.

The “Urban Room” will serve as an independently run space ( an empty shopping space) which will host a variety of events which will include exhibitions, talks, debates and a variety of workshops.

An “Urban Room” is needed on the Old Kent Road according to organizers. It will as a response to recent proposals for mass regeneration of the area, set out in  Southwark councils’ 2017 action area plan 

Up to date plans include the Bakerloo extension, creating exciting possibilities but also causing many to worry about the effect on their businesses and homes.

image credit: Old Kent Road
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