Court report from Highbury corner Magistrates court

Highbury magistrates court

 The visit to Highbury corner magistrates court, was a real eye opener into how the legal system works and how cases are dealt with, and if they are to progress from the magistrates court to the crown court.

On the visit, we visited and observed on some interesting cases, to begin with proceedings were slow and there was a long wait for cases to come and go.

But eventually the cases came and went, cases went from Non-school attendance to a breach of housing enforcement order.

It was interesting to see how the cases played out and how each defendant pleaded, and how the prosecution then analysed the case, and put forward their explanation to the magistrates as to how they should precede in sentencing the defendant.

In the court room where I was situated, there were two magistrates and the legal advisor was a woman, also we saw 2 cases which were either way cases, with one case being sent to the crown court.

All in all, this visit gives a great view into the justice system and learning how it feels to be a member of the public in court.

Photo credit: cc-by-sa/2.0 – © David Anstiss –