Knight foundation ideas for immersive journalism- editorial oppertunities and pitfalls

Future of Journalism and interactive journalism

The ideas chosen by the Knight foundation offer some great new ways of using technology to improve the storytelling aspect of journalism, and promote audience interaction.

The idea I have chosen is from The Washington Post, which is called Facing Bias. It works on the principle of developing a tool for a smartphone using augmented reality to analyse a reader’s facial expressions, while they view images and statements that could affirm or contradict their beliefs.

This idea gives a great editorial opportunity as it can be used to give news outlets a better perspective on their audiences’ view on particular topics and issues.

Therefore giving the news outlets more awareness of the bias they bring to stories, and seek to improve trust in news, by creating a personal connection to the content.

However, there are pitfalls to this idea as technology is never perfect and may be liable to read someone’s facial expressions incorrectly giving the wrong impression of bias, which could skew the nature of the story.

A further pitfall would be that there would be too many conflicting opinions, which could lead to confusion and create a news story which is not clear in its message.

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