Climate change protest gridlocks Elephant and Castle

Protesters campaigning ing Elephant and Castle

On Wednesday, Elephant and Castle found itself at a standstill. Climate change activists, Extinction Rebellion, interrupted the morning traffic around elephant and castle for their environmental protest.

Extinction rebellion caused a mass gridlock of traffic around London with their protest in order to get their voices heard, and change the conversation around the subject of climate change.

 The protests were held in five separate groups being stationed at Elephant and Castle, Lambeth and Vauxhall bridges, Tower Bridge and Earls Court. Protests began bright and early at 7:30 am, blocking the roads for several minutes at a time.

The protests at Elephant and Castle consisted of a group of 30 people, and communicated and shared their message in non-violent manner through the use of banners and placards.

Speaking to JLDN, one of the protesters at Elephant and Castle branch of the protests, Roz, said that: “petitions don’t work, marches don’t work, the government doesn’t respond to those. There not acting as though the climate change situation is an emergency.” She also said that the protest “Is designed to make the government come to the negotiating table”

There was also a “rebellion day 2” which took place in parliament square on the 24thNovember from 10am.

Leaflets from the protest