JLDN live news day review

Preparation for JLDN live show

Last Thursday, I went to the JLDN show at LSBU.

 It was lovely to see how a news day operated and on first coming in, I was impressed at the amount of organisation that went into producing the show.

The Second year students were very accommodating and where keen to see what we thought.

Out of all of the first year students who attended, I was selected to talk on the radio part of the live show, with the questions being about fake news and the issues surrounding it, and how to be proactive against fake news by always fact checking stories.

I was happy to be a part of the radio aspect of the show and it gave me a good idea of what I will be doing next year. The second year students were impressed with our answers and were pleased to have us.

The JLDN live show was very well put together and it was great to see that everyone involved played in part in making such a polished show under such pressure was amazing. There was also great content and stories put into the show.