Traditional vs technologically driven journalism

Change and tensions between tech and traditonal journalism

In recent years, the debate between traditional and technologically driven journalism has been heated and has prompted tensions between the two mediums of journalism.

In the 21st century and over past generations journalism has been taken over by technology.

 A prime example of this is the role of Silicon Valley and how it has led to journalism depend heavily on big tech companies which support journalism and supply it with a vast share of its audience, gaining a share of revenue at the same time.

Further tensions between traditional and tech based journalism is that due to increased traffic which needed a fresh approach which was previously frowned upon by traditional print journalists as a dirty practice.

Additionally, there are further tensions as traditional (print journalists) take the view that tech based journalism, with its monitoring of traffic and tracking people’s interest could have an adverse effect on people and argue that less importance is put on news and more focus on speed news than in depth news.