New Consultation to improve cycling and parking in North Peckham

A new consultation has been opened by Southwark council seeking to improve cycling and parking pressures in north Peckham.

The area of north Peckham in question is from Burgess Park to the north of the area and Peckham road in the south.

The consultation includes plans to introduce a parking zone which would seek to ease parking pressures which have been encountered around the area.

The Council have acknowledged that the introduction of such a zone would decrease parking stress, and would allow residents further space.

Cycling improvements within the consultation include plans to change and make key alterations to specific junctions in the area, making them safer and creating a better cycle route through the area which as part of the Southwark Spine ( A cycle which covers the whole borough from north to south)

Southwark council have asked residents for their thoughts, and what they believe should be involved in this new development. The consultation opened on the 26th November 2018 (Monday) and closes on the 11th January 2019.