Digital Journalism 2- assignment 1

Two stories that could come as a result of the data in one of the websites is from the information is beautiful site, which in this instance is measuring the degree of truth and accurate fact in films.

From the data on this site, two stories that could come as a result of this, are that some films claim to be based on a true story, but don’t necessarily stick to established events.

 The other story that could come from this data, could be that films based on true stories change due to artistic style and how the audience interprets the film.

One story that is based on data from one of the websites is the difference throughout the time period of 1965-2017 between the amounts of homicides, and amount of homicides solved in the intervening period and how despite the test of time, and improvements in technology that the number of homicides being solved has fallen.

This data also shows that despite the high amount of homicides between 1965-1995 and lack of technology, the amount of solved cases kept up or the majority were solved, compared to the period from 1995 onwards where the amounts of homicides decreased but less of the open cases were solved with more technology.

Furthermore the data shows that the amount of homicides compared to the amount of solved cases have dipped and risen in the timeframe mentioned in the website article.

The data also shows that certain states have differences in amount of homicides against the amount of open unsolved cases. These states include Illinois where only 37.23% of open cases were solved and Michigan were only 54.69% were solved.

What this shows that throughout time and states, the standard of police work and investigation has deteriorated and been on a decline into the modern era.