Why I have chosen this data set

I have chosen the crime statistics in England and wales, more spefically the portion of this data set relating to knife crime and crimes with sharp weapons. I have chosen this specific dataset as knife crime continues to be an ever present threat in our society.

In analysing this data I would like to prove that knife crime in this country has become an epidemic and something needs to be done to tackle the issue head on.

This issue from this dataset is important and is a current event which occurs everyday, and I would like to examine how the amounts offences involving crime has changed over time with issues including cuts to police funding and also look at how use of police time is being wasted.

Additionally, I have chosen this dataset as I find it shocking that such a high profile issue has been allowed to pupate and become one of the most talked about issues in crime circles and has gone from being a small time offence to being an offence which instead of occurring every other month, has in the last 8 years, is happening almost every other day.