What I learnt as a journalist from Day at Parliament filming VT

We started by scooping filming locations, for GV’s. We set up our camera and other equipment , and went to film interviews for both sides of the Brexit debate and establishing views. Then we filmed further shots of parliament for background and further Gv’s. Near the end we set up our camera to record a final ptc to conclude our VT.

Feedback for the VT was good and we were told it was factual and had good content and my interview technique for the most part was good , but could be improved slightly, however there could have been improvement on sound balance and to have more voiceover and make sure to be more careful when filming shots for Gv’s and PTC.

From this day I learnt that for a VT it is essential that there should only be one voice on a voiceover throughout the VT ( most likely being the reporter).

 I also learnt that there needs to be more voiceover in a VT as it helps explain the story better (in providing a narrative for your audience to follow. I also learned that it is key when on location to use the location to your advantage to really tell your news story.

Personally from this day, I learnt that as a journalist it is essential that you concentrate on your interviewee and to look less nervous and not look as if you’ve been caught in the headlights. I also learnt that as a journalist it is good to have good formal voice for interviews and be less jittery. Overall this day proved to be very helpful in learning as a journalist as it gave me my first taste of experience in the field, but also providing me with valuable lessons which I can put towards improving my overall technique and professional ability.