Staff from six McDonald’s in South London went on strike yesterday and marched to Downing Street in demand for higher wages and better working conditions.

McDonald’s workers from Balham, Catford, Crayford, Deptford, Downham and Wandsworth Town took part in what The UK Trades Union Congress said was the, “biggest McStrike to ever take place in Britain”. 

The fourth strike comes just days after the company’s former CEO, Steve Easterbrook, was forced to resign over a relationship with an employee. Easterbrook took a pay packet of £29 million whilst workers claim they are left struggling to pay bills.

The workers are calling for wages of £15 an hour, union recognition, an end to youth rates of pay and guaranteed working hours.

Jess Bower protesting with a placard in her hand.

Jess Bower, 21, who works at McDonald’s said, “I’m striking to raise awareness and help others because I’ve heard stories of verbal abuse and sexual abuse.

“I’m here today for union recognition, better working standards and a change in contract and working hours.

“I’ve been here four times now and [other workers] shouldn’t be afraid. At the end of the day, your words will get heard.”

Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell joined the protestors in solidarity.

John McDonnell told campaigners, “It isn’t much to ask, is it? That a company like McDonald’s that makes billions of pounds of profits just pays its worker’s decent wages treats them properly and recognises trade unions.

“We’re not asking for the earth. We’re just asking for these workers to be treated decently by a company whose wealth they create.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We are extremely disappointed that a very small number of our people in just a handful of our restaurants are considering industrial action.”