London Overground Night Tube Service Launches This Week!

London Overground Tube

24 hour London Overground services begin running Fridays and Saturdays starting 15th December 2017. 

An all-night service will operate between New Cross Gate and Dalston Junction. A map of the new service was released earlier in the week, showing passengers where they can expect to travel for the nights out in the South East (Bermondsey) and East.

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Mobile News Gathering is Changing Journalism

LSBU Lectures

Since the rise of portable devices with Apple and other technology companies like Samsung and Google, our new reading habits have become more and more focused on reading on phones, tablets and other tech.

This drives a need for not only compatibility in the sites that our content is displayed on but also for the news to be published quickly, accurately and in a style that is easily readable. 

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Social Mobility Commission Board Members Quit

Theresa May addresses crowd

Theresa May has been dealt a fresh blow as the board of the Government’s Social Mobility Commission quit in protest.

Four members of the board of the Social Mobility Commission (SMC) have quit in protest at the lack of progress being made towards a “fairer Britain“. Its chairman, former Labour minister Alan Milburn, said he has “little hope” of the Government achieving the necessary change as it does not have the “bandwidth” to simultaneously deal with Brexit and improve social mobility.

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Consumption of News Through Platforms

LSBU Lectures

Technology has shaped journalism and our consumption of it massively over the past decade; with the rise of social media. the increase in available technology and the process of news derision.

Technology has vastly improved in the last 10 years – the iPhone was about to be released – a touch screen sleek phone with internet capabilities and a user-friendly interface.  This technology had been done before but with limited success and it was all about to change with a phone that could support and was built purely for what it wanted to achieve. 

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