Leave Means Leave: Inside the leave protest on what would have been Brexit day

Brexit 'Vote Leave' placard

Tensions were high outside Parliament today as Brexit day came to a close with no signs of progress towards exiting the European Union.

Pro-Brexit protestors caused traffic to be diverted as over 3,000 people swamped the roads and nearby Parliament Square.

Protestors from the ‘Leave Means Leave’ campaign originally left Sunderland on March 16th, hoping to arrive with the intention to celebrate Brexit outside Parliament, but it became clear that this was not going to happen as they approached London. Ex-UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and around 100 followers originally set off on their 200-mile, 14-day journey to London chanting, “We’re marching for our freedom’, with followers growing in large numbers as they approached the capital.

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The Gentrification of Newham’s Olympic Legacy

Olympic Park in Stratford

Stratford had its East-End culture demolished and rebuilt, at the cost of its residents, past and future.

The London Olympics claimed that it would develop, rejuvenate and improve Stratford; providing better and affordable housing and a wealth of opportunities for leisure and employment. 10 years on from the initial developments on the sites that would become the Olympic Park and East Village it’s a poignant time to reflect upon the gentrification and cost of the culture lost to a now-popular tourist location.

The land that the Olympic Park and its associated Olympic Village was built on was mostly industrial land and uninhabitable, with the exception of Clays Lane housing estate. The area were once plagued with eyesores such as the “fridge mountain”, a monument of domestic appliance waste (the largest heap of fridges in Europe), now replaced with open green spaces and private accommodation. The accommodation in the developed area was once home to 17,000 athletes and staff, most of which now rented privately through GetLivingLondon with prices for a 1-bed apartment starting at £1,300 a month.

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The Ingredients of the Brexit Votes (includes infographic)


Brexit changed the future of the United Kingdom in 2016 when the UK officially decided to leave the European Union, but who voted what? Political parties and local history play an important part of the statistics behind 31 years in the EU.

Opinions can change like the wind; with 31 years of history in the European Union – most voters have lived through the changes the EU brought to the UK – with benefits to certain areas and limitations imposed on others, over time the British public have had time to reflect. In 1975 the majority of the UK (67%) voted to join the European Community (now referred to as the EU) with hopes of prosperity and an overall better life but when comparing these voting areas to the outcome of the European Referendum it is clear to see what areas were left most unfulfilled – areas like Boston, East Lincoln and Stoke-on-Trent voting highest for Brexit.

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London Overground Night Tube Service Launches This Week!

London Overground Tube

24 hour London Overground services begin running Fridays and Saturdays starting 15th December 2017. 

An all-night service will operate between New Cross Gate and Dalston Junction. A map of the new service was released earlier in the week, showing passengers where they can expect to travel for the nights out in the South East (Bermondsey) and East.

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Social Mobility Commission Board Members Quit

Theresa May addresses crowd

Theresa May has been dealt a fresh blow as the board of the Government’s Social Mobility Commission quit in protest.

Four members of the board of the Social Mobility Commission (SMC) have quit in protest at the lack of progress being made towards a “fairer Britain“. Its chairman, former Labour minister Alan Milburn, said he has “little hope” of the Government achieving the necessary change as it does not have the “bandwidth” to simultaneously deal with Brexit and improve social mobility.

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Iconic Film Memorabilia Descends on BFI IMAX

Costumes on display the BFI

London’s BFI IMAX is currently host to a wealth of rare and iconic film and television memorabilia.

Prop Store and ODEON have presented a museum-grade, free-to-enter exhibition showcasing props that will be entered into a public auction on 26th September 2017. The exhibition features props and costumes from hit films like ‘Back to the Future’, ‘Alien’ and ‘Ghostbusters’ to more recent films such as ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘.

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