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Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen

The first sentence on the Peggy Porschen website is a review from Vanity Fair. It states: “The Best Cupcakes In The World”.

Unfortunately, I did not see this until after I went to the tea shop in Belgravia and did not order a cupcake. However, I completely indulged in other sweets and I have NO regrets.

I’m not an expert in afternoon tea (or anything, really) but this was absolutely outstanding. My friend and I ordered the Lemon, Raspberry & Rose cake and a seasonal blackberry cake while also sharing the Afternoon Tea. I feel like there should be some shame in eating an entire piece of cake in under 5 minutes but I couldn’t have felt better about myself or my life choices.

In summary: Peggy Porschen – worth it.

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