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Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen

The first sentence on the Peggy Porschen website is a review from Vanity Fair. It states: “The Best Cupcakes In The World”.

Unfortunately, I did not see this until after I went to the tea shop in Belgravia and did not order a cupcake. However, I completely indulged in other sweets and I have NO regrets.

I’m not an expert in afternoon tea (or anything, really) but this was absolutely outstanding. First of all, the best part about it was getting to be with my friend who I hadn’t seen in 5 years. Good company always establishes a good setting for an afternoon. (Second of all, the pink aesthetic is hard to beat.)

My friend and I ordered the Lemon, Raspberry & Rose cake and a seasonal blackberry cake while also sharing the Afternoon Tea. I feel like there should be some shame in eating an entire piece of cake in under 5 minutes but I couldn’t have felt better about myself or my life choices.

In summary: Peggy Porschen – worth it.

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