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Wondering whether or not it’s worth it to visit the Palace of Versailles? Short answer: absolutely. Read more if you want a longer answer.

After spending the weekend in Paris, we concluded our trip with a trip outside of the city to visit the Palace of Versailles. When my tour guide left our group at Versailles, she gave us her list of recommendations and summed it up with “This will be the most opulent place you were ever see.”

She couldn’t have been more correct. 

Entering the Palace

First, I was very lucky to not have to pay for tickets at the Palace as the UK has yet to leave the EU making me a current EU resident. The website for Versailles details who qualifies for free admission, so I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I did!

The Palace

Next, I began an incredible tour of the Palace. It was most notably worked on by Louis XIV. This was because he wanted to be away from Paris. He also wanted to create a space where the people of France could watch him go through his elaborate routines. He was nicknamed “The Sun King” as he wanted everyone to watch him rise and then set from the beginning to the end of the day.

The palace goes through bedrooms, chamber rooms, dining rooms, and more. There is velvet everywhere and more gold decor than you can imagine.

When I finally arrived at the Hall of Mirrors, I audibly gasped. It was definitely the most magnificent sight I have ever seen. The walls glitter with mirrors, which at the time of the creation of the palace, was the most expensive material available. 

In my own space, I was able to imagine the tourists gone and Louis XIV gazing at himself in the mirrors. 

The Gardens

Next, I entered the gardens behind the palace only to find myself in a maze.

If you look at a map of Versailles, the palace pales in comparison to the size of the gardens. Beyond the gardens, tree-covered mountains extend and blur into the background. The palace is a glittering island in the countryside. 

Tickets for the Palace of Versailles can be purchased here.

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