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  • B Bakery

    By November 12, 2019

    If you’re craving afternoon tea while taking a trip up to Covent Garden, I recommend B...

  • Peggy Porschen

    By October 28, 2019

    The first sentence on the Peggy Porschen website is a review from Vanity Fair. It states:...

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  • POV: you are 17 and just moved to a city far from home. You attend a school where you know no one and have zero direction or end goal. Despite your trouble to motivate for anything, you audition for a dance company on a whim. You meet people who are somehow just as weird as you are. You become a team captain. You are at your personal best as a dancer even though it’s something you’ve been doing literally since before you can remember. You find a way to take care of your mental and physical health throughout the ups and downs of college. You find lifelong friends and an extended family. Even when coronavirus isolates everyone, life is good. How could it not be when you have these people in it?

Thanks @depauldancecompany for all of the blessings I’ve received both through other people and within myself - it’s been real 💙💛
  • me, lake michigan, march 2020
me, lake michigan, august 2003
  • taking this day of love to celebrate my first loves in this world ❤️ Veronica is on the 3rd best varsity team in the USA and Zac and I went to 4 parks in 1 day (the last pic is us talking to @anneslevin hearing about her adventures 🇮🇪)
  • It’s crazy to think that it’s been more than a month since I embarked on a wild travel experience and got to see so many awesome places in Europe. It’ll be only a few weeks until my next adventure but for now I’m good j chillin with people I love and embracing my new routine. Also if anyone has any suggestions of places to visit please let me know!!!
  • New ueR
  • Would you believe me if I said every building in Portugal looks like this? (Zoom in for some cool tiling)
  • oops i keep forgetting it’s december!
  • Look dude if you saw the Temple of Poseidon you’d be obsessed with it too
  • I’m dancing and I’m happy.
  • Not sure how VERSAILLES didn’t make the Instagram yet (also some lady took 2 pictures of me in front of Le Palais and I blinked in both of them so enjoy the better quality one). I’m headed off to the most Eastern part of Europe today and it doesn’t feel real. I’m not sure whose life I’m living at the moment but sometimes it doesn’t feel like mine.

This summer I was talking with my dad about the concept of a collective consciousness - meaning all ideas just float in some void and every time we think we pull the thought from the void and claim it as our own. We build our own identities our of pieces accessible to everyone. It seems unnatural because we rely so heavily on our own perceived individuality. I don’t believe in a collective consciousness (at the moment) but it’s another way to consider moments like this, when I’m living what I think is my life but yet it doesn’t feel like it is completely mine.

The importance of considering concepts like a collective consciousness isn’t to determine the likelihood of its truth but rather to build an understanding that there are an infinite amount of ways to interpret everything and when we start to undermine the core notions that we accept to be truth we can come to new conclusions.

I’m late for class
  • I’m living in a postcard!!!
  • Just reminding the world that I love and miss Emma!!!!
  • Alles Gute zum Geburtstag to the newest slevin adult 👧🏼👧🏽👧🏽 love you lots
  • quelques photos parisiennes ! paris me manque beaucoup
  • This has been the literal only time in my life where I have felt like I have free time, which honestly is very convient as I now have the ability to journey to incredible places and meet new people and reconnect with old friends. All in all quite excellent 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 wish I could reassure High School Em that she would actually get to have moments to breathe in addition to absolutely lovely experiences. It’s nice to let go for a little while.
  • Italy taught me that it IS possible to live off of just pasta, pizza, and wine and honestly? I have no incentive to ever eat anything else. (Update: I am finally joining the gym this week)
  • To the girl I accidentally punched at dance today - here’s my public apology. Guided improv is no joke. Other things that are on my mind include the extent of the possibility and probability of reincarnation, how fragile seemingly “stable” civilizations are, and how grateful I am for my family and friends ANYWAY here are some photos of Amsterdam 🧡
  • Not sure if it’s possible to over post on Instagram but here’s the Globe Theatre!
  • I’m reflecting on what I’m grateful for! Also if anyone has a hot take for an interesting Harry Potter theory please share with me thank you
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