Editorial log

I have chosen to put forth my editorial role as radio presenter for the live shows going out on December 8th. My role consisted of presenting the news and content that had been provided for the show with a co-presenter (Leynna) and work closely with the producer (Ella) of the radio show to order the content and relay instructions. I believe that I have given a larger contribution to the audio side of the live shows, due to making two of my own audio pieces and also presenting, whereas I was less involved in the video shows, other than being the social media presenter.  I also helped with the scripting my rewriting and adjusting the layout to make it easier for me to read during the actual live show.

My role, while spanning across the three weeks as a presenter, mainly involved me being most productive on the actual day of broadcast. This was due to the fact that we had to work around what content we ended up being provided with on the day and altering parts of the show accordingly to what we had to put out, for example, whether we had guests and/or important topics. In the time leading up to the live show day, I would work on producing and recording my own audio content to be on the show and also keeping my eye on the main stories in the area and the main headlines, in case we decided to use a newspaper read through on the show to use up more of the time due to lack of other content. This shows my ability to work under pressure and work with the producer for any changes during the show and adjust myself accordingly.

During our career’s show, It was very important for me as one of the presenters to help de-brief our off site guest on the day about when she would be introduced and what would be happening during the show until she was due to speak in the script.

When presenting it was important for me to have a clear voice and to not make a big deal out of if I happened to mess up my words during the show, which shows that I can just carry on as normal in order to keep the show running as smoothly as possible. 


What I could improve:

I think that during my role as a radio presenter, I could have made my voice sound much more friendly and perky than just trying to concentrate on being professional and getting the words out. I should have appeared more relaxed during the time, especially when we had our careers guest in the studio and spoken to her for longer beforehand so I could make everyone more relaxed too instead of feeling urgent at times.