Time to shine

Epsom Town Centre with festoon lighting.

Improvements to pedestrian routes around Epsom, Ewell West and Stoneleigh stations are going to be taking place over the upcoming weeks due a grant awarded to the Epsom and Ewell Borough Council from South Western Railway’s Customer and Communities Improvement Fund.

Epsom and Ewell Borough Council fortunately obtained the grant through an extremely, highly competitive bid that ‘saw over £14m of applications for the £5.5m fund available for the whole of South West Railway network.

The Council’s award is now able to improve the routes to and from the stations by increasing the public area, and making areas safer through magnifying lighting and route-finding.

“We have worked with local partners to allocate funds to key measures that will make a real difference to local communities and everyone using the stations.”

Epsom and Ewell Borough Council.

The project has already begun in Epsom Town Centre with festoon lighting hung along Station Way; the access route between the marketplace and Epsom station.

“We are delighted that South Western Railway have provided this funding, which will enable us to significantly enhance the visual, physical, and pedestrian links between Epsom, Ewell West, and Stoneleigh stations and their respective retail centres.”

Councillor Colin Keane said.

Further measures are also being planned, including new planters that will be placed around the borough’s stations adding seasonal colour, making the areas more attractive, and intensifying local navigation.

“Here at South Western Railway, we recognise the vital role that rail plays in the local as well as the national economy, and our Customer and Communities Improvement Fund is designed to give an economic boost to the villages, towns, and cities that we serve. We are delighted to have been able to support Epsom and Ewell District Council with their imaginative scheme, which enhances the links between our rail services and Epsom, Ewell, and Stoneleigh centres.”

Mark Youngman, CCIF Project Manager at South Western Railway.

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