RBKC: Acoustic cameras to detect noisy supercars

Supercars driving along RBKC street

Supercar drivers can face new fees after the council installs acoustic cameras due to reports of nuisance from the residents of the RBKC borough.

The iconic Kensington and Chelsea streets are magnets for Buggatis, Lamborghinis and Ferraris often used by their drivers as a racetrack. As a result, RBKC has become the first council to operate noise camera technology to capture drivers who are accelerating too loudly and disturbing the residents. “Persistent offenders will be fined and in extreme cases, on conviction the Council can apply to the Magistrates Court to seize the vehicle.” says RBCK website.

The action was taken by the council on 22nd of September in order to detect supercar drivers and apply fees in extreme cases. Cllr Johnny Thalassites, Lead Member for Planning and Transport at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea said: “Since installing Britain’s first acoustic cameras, we have seen more than 500 vehicles surpass legal noise limits. The loudest car hit 104 dB – the same volume as a chainsaw or a loud disco.

“Whilst the majority of people who visit and explore our borough act responsibly, we say to the persistent minority who insist on revving their engines on our streets – our communities will not tolerate excessive noise through the night.”

Vanessa, a member of the Residence Association in the Holland Park area said: ”It has been a problem in that area for a very long time and something needed to be done. I think the acoustic cameras are a good idea but what would the penalty be as these are really expensive cars so I think the owners wouldn’t care about paying a fine. This would make it more of a money making scheme than a measure to tackle the problem.”