Late night gallery opening with special guest Deborah Azzopardi

Smith&Partner gallery are holding an upcoming Art Showcase on the 6th November to browse the collection and meet the artist Deborah Azzopardi.

Azzopardi is a contemporary British artist based in London. She has been creating her unique and distinctive images for over 30 years in the style of Pop Art. Her most notorious work is her painting “Sssshhh” which has been sold in over 50 countries around the globe.

Deborah sitting on a chair from her furniture collection with Killymoon Bespoke Living company.

The exhibition will present some of her famous and colourful prints. Works like “I say a little pray for you”, “Lean on me” and “Hot stuff” will be available art lovers for prices starting from £1450.

“Most of the people that I paint are people that I like, I see something in them…but you have to stop, think and pause to find inspiration. With my work I only have fun. That’s what life should be about.” said the artist.

Deborah Azzopardi exhibition

S&P specialise in supplying selections of limited edition, contemporary and fine art works for both investment purposes and home décor in their South Kensington gallery. The opening will take place at 6:30pm on 58 Gloucester Road. “To comply with government guidelines, guests attending the event must always wear a face covering – unless exempt – and maintain social distancing” announced S&P on their official website.