Introduction to Broadcast Journalism (Week 1)

Monday 02/11

10 am – Description of the module, teaching and learning tools, expectations and assessments. Lecture by LJ.

This module is designed to teach us create digital content within the spectre of multi-platform broadcast journalism.

11 am – Audio.

Audio should be powerful, creative and intimate. The importance of natural sounds in an audio. A good-quality audio should describe where you are. Use meaningful wording. Elements are all arounds.

Soundclound and Adobe Audition account created. Bensound website – an useful website with free audio music.

5 x 15 sec clips recorded on my phone (files named as the rooms):
1. Bedroom
2. Kitchen
3. Bathroom
4. Living room
5. Hallway

1 x 20sec voice over describing my home. Narrative voice.

14:00 – Tech afternoon training on Audition. Basics of editing in Audition with Matt Whale (change the volume, edit the files, save and export). Introduction to Soundcloud embed process by Will Cafferkey.

Issues encountered: Laptop not compatible with Adobe Audition. Tomorrow will need to buy a new laptop as soon as possible to be able to join the tech afternoon on Wednesday.

Tuesday 03/11

10am – How to use archive material to create montages. Copyright. Fair use. Lecture by LJ.

Copyright law – It gives the creator the right to control in which way the material may be used.

Fair usage (fair dealing in UK) – Permits limited use of copyrighted material without having to first acquire permission from the copyright holder. 

5 x archive clips on COVID (audio from Youtube). Montage posted on my student website called “Economic impact of Covid-19”.

Sources used:

Bensound music audio

Wednesday 4/11

10am – Basic media law and regulations refresher with Michael Kosmides.

Press is regulated by Ipso and Impress. Broadcasting by Ofcom. The Ipso Editor’s code of practice overview. Privacy and social media.

Task from Michael for Monday.

Find a Youtube video regarding a new story about Covid in your local area. Why did you chose it? What did you liked in it? We need a Premiere Pro account.

Royalty free is a term that is used to describe certain types of intellectual property that you’re allowed to use without having to pay royalties.

Create an audiogram using headliner – using either a music bed or sound effects, an image and a caption – subject = my COVID. 
Try and elicit an emotion.

2pm – Tech training afternoon with Matt Whale. The basics of editing in audition (music bed, editing files, wave and multitrack files).