Introduction to Broadcast Journalism (Week 2)

Monday 9/11– Angles and story telling with Michael Kosmides

Our submission VT needs to include:

a. GVs

b. Three different voices (voice over, expert interview, eye witness interview).

c. Correct use of sound.

d. A variety of shots.

e. Use of music bed/sounds effect

The story angle is an aspect we decide to highlight.

Exercise 1. In groups chose a video we liked from the files presented by Michael and decide why we chose it.

Exercise 2. In groups chose 2 different angles about the Coronavirus second lockdown.

Sequences and shots

The point of the sequence is to help the audience focus.

Shot sizes: extreme long shot, long shot, medium long shot, mid shot, medium closeup, closeup, big closeup, extreme closeup.

Camera angles: eye level, shoulder level, overhead shot, low level, ground level, hip level, knee level, dutch angle/tilt.

Sound and music

Different videos presented by Michael with different music and sounds effect.

Be careful when using music. It cannot save a bad story. Copyright is an important matter to consider.

Exercise 3. Write a 400-words paragraphs about: How I coped during first Covid-19 wave. We need to read our text on camera. Shoot five shots in Premiere of different sizes.

Tuesday 10/11Cutaways, GVs and PTC.


The rule of thirds. Composition cam app

Cutaways – time control, focus, increase tension, jump cuts, errors. Typical interview cutaways – hands, faces, reverse shots.

GVs – establishing shots, illustrate commentary, emphasise meaning of sequence, “wallpaper”.

Piece to camera – chose well place and props, keep it simple, avoid writing/memorising, keep it short.

Exercise – Use your 400-words paragraph on “How I coped during first Covid-19 wave” to film a PTC, break down our PTC in different segments and film a few GVs and cutaways.

Wednesday 11/11 Line of action. Sequences.

180 rule – Line of action.

3-shot sequence


My local Covid – In few words describe your idea and angle on “My local Covid”.

Exercise – Based on your idea for a story shot your 3-shot and 5-shot sequences. Use the shots for editing with Premiere.

Thursday 12/11 – Tech afternoon with Matt Whale and Will Cafferkey.

How to edit videos in Premiere Pro. I used the content prepared earlier for our story ‘My Local Covid” including 3-shot and 5-shot sequences.