My local Covid – “Financial impact of Covid-19 on Portobello Market”

Idea: Present real-stories of local businesses in Portobello Market and how Covid affected their trade.

Inspiration: I live a street away from the market and we usually do our fruit and vegetables shopping here. The market is very important for the community and represents a social hub for the residents of Notting Hill.


Call made to RBCK council to obtain permission to film in the market.

Email sent to Cllr Johhny Thalassites regarding contacts for the project.

Apps to record calls – Tapeacall

Intro: London’s Portobello Market is probably one of the world’s best-known street market with a history stretching back to 150 years. The market its famous for its antique stalls and shops but it also features a selection of fashion, food, crafts, music and books. Since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic many local businesses have been struggling financially. Let’s find out how businesses in Portobello Market have been affected.


Eye-witness number 1 Cameras London

Cameras London are a photography stall with a diverse range of vintage film cameras. Its owner – Juliano – a single dad of 2 children who is currently not trading due to the government restrictions. He hopes he can go back to business after 2/12 and is anxiously waiting for the government next announcement. Interview scheduled for 29/11/20.

Eye-witness number 2 – Hugo (stall-keeper at Simply Paella).

“Simply Paella  started as a Street Food Stall located in the heart of Portobello Market  in 2015 with just two varieties of Paella, Seafood and Valenciana. Shortly afterwards we expanded to four dishes, adding Vegetarian and Chorizo Paellas and to catering as well.

We aim to bring the highest quality and most authentic Spanish paella to the people and visitors of London by striving to live up to the culinary tradition of Valencia.” (information obtain from their website).

Hugo has been a stall-keeper at the market for almost 6 years and he is friendly waiting for the customers to arrive. He said the market now is very quiet. (Filmed on 28.11.20).

Eye-witness number 3 – Marcus – owner of the JM Vintage Film Gallery

“J/M Gallery is a versatile gallery space perfect for exhibitions, pop up shops, events and film and photo shoots.

J/M Gallery offers a prime location ground level window space with its own entrance directly into 54sqm / 575 sqft of open plan gallery space. ” (information obtained from their website)

Interview planned for 1/12 @11am at the gallery.

Eye-witness number 4 – John – Notting Hill resident (filmed on 27/11/20)

Eye-witness 5 – Bianca – Notting Hill resident (plan to film on 1/12/20)

Eye-witness 6 – Anna – manager at Mikel Greek Coffee Shop (plan to film on 30/11?)

252 Portobello Road, London, W111LL

Expert – NMTF representatives / RBCK officials


Eye-witness interview at the market (John).


General-view and close-up shots of the market. Eye-witness Hugo interview at the market.

Data research found:

“Research by the markets sector has found that during lockdown only around a third of markets remained even partially open and just 50% of traders expected to be able to access any of the government support for businesses. About 40% of operators feared they would not be able to open again.”


Interview over Zoom with Juliano (stall owner at the market – Cameras London).



Call NMTF officials for an expert interview (tel. 01226 749021)

Call Anna Myriadou – manager at Mikel Coffee (07865195235)

Call RBCK officials on 020 7361 3001.

Found a FB post in the group “Notting Hill and North Kensington; stories from the people” a woman called Dimbo Cain. She will be 95 years next year and and she is a stall holder on Portobello Road for over 80 years. Queen of Portobello Road.

*** Message sent to her daughter Jacqueline Allum on FB to arrange an interview with her mum**

Email sent to Jessie Western to get in touch for an interview. Jessie and her sister run a Indie clothes store on Portobello Road.


Call NMTF officials for an expert interview (tel. 01226 749021). They will contact me back with more information about the interview.

Call RBCK officials on 020 7361 3001. They asked for an email to be sent to

11am – Interview with Marcus (owner of J/M Gallery on the Portobello Market).

14:30pm – Email sent to CEO if NMFT Mr Joe Harrison to arrange a Zoom interview as an expert (email:

17:17pm – Email sent to RBKC council regarding an expert opinion.


Interview with eye witness Jane at the market.

Interview with business owner Wayne.

Interview agreed for 9/12/20 with Glenn from Erno Deco at the market (Address: 328 Portobello Rd, London W10 5RU).


Went to the market to film GVs.


Interview agreed for over Zoom Tuesday 8/12/20 at 2.30pm with Mark Atkinson ( Markets Development Officer for RBKC).