Rise of the donations for the online media industry

One of the most significant development that the Reuters Digital News 2018 is the rise of donations in the digital news industry.

Nowadays, most of the publisher recognize that digital advertising is not enough to assure high quality.  Newspapers are therefore trying to convince people to pay a subscription or donate directly for online news.

The statistics have shown a significant rise of the subscriptions for newspapers.

But although it could be seen as something positive, the questions of the information reserved only for people who have the financial means to access it intervenes.

Because of the fact that news should be available for all, some newspapers used the strategy of the call to donations to keep it free to all. We can take the example of The Guardians, a famous english journal, who has received tens of millions of pounds since it started using the strategy.

We can note nevertheless that the donations are directly linked with the awareness of the problem.

Some studies have shown that the people are more likely to give when they are aware of the problems that the newspapers are facing to keep providing the news for free in the hands of everyone.

According to this same study 68% of the questioned people have no idea of the issues that the news industry is facing and think that they are making profit of the digital news whereas they are operating at a loss.  

And so conversely those who give are very often aware of the problem and tend to subscribe or make donations.

This rise means not only a hope to keep the industry alive but to keep it free to everyone. 

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