Does the internet is killing long form journalism?

We all know that the Digital development has a huge impact on journalism. But does the internet is really killing journalism?

As we can read in the “News story telling in a Digital Landscape” the opinions are mixed.

Indeed, “the internet communicates so much informations but does not really “do” narrative” as Macintyre says in 2009.

Nowadays it’s really rare to see a 1000 words story achieving a viral status on the internet. There’s a diminishing attention span and it seems like the more the people use the web the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing. Long pieces of writing are discreet in front of this tsunami of byte sized information in ther internet.

But there’s cause for precision. Effectively, the internet is looking for quality not quantity, changing the culture of fixed length.

This is one of the reasons that makes a range of people believe that far from killing it, the internet is a type of liberation from the formulaic structures and scaffolding the media uses to tell story.

This new and constantly changing environment makes Susan Orlean, a writer at The New Yorker argues that there’s never been a better time to be a teller of stories.  Basic content will not be threatened by changes to the delivery system, and even if the traditional media may face a difficult transition, these peoples think it’s very exciting because many high quality things are happening.

Everything is changing, from the way to tell the stories,  to the business model or the platforms where we publish and create news because of the internet.

But it is really a bad thing?

What we can say is that there’s an appetite for long form journalism , and a increasing number of providers are seeking to satisfy it through the internet, but what everyone’s thinking about is “how do we tell the best damn story we can tell” as says storm (2012).  

The fundamental concepts remain whatever the platform. It is the platforms themselves that are evolving rapidly.


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