“Alex Katz’s Life in Art”, a fascinating profile by the New Yorker

Portrait of the artist Alex Katz by Chuck Close

Alex Katz’s Life in Art” is an article from the New Yorker by  that makes the profile of Alex Katz a ninety-one years old artist living in new york.

The article start with a quote that directly makes us want to read the rest : “Alex Katz is on fire.”  

Katz in this article is described as lean, wiry, agile, and flawlessly bald but also as someone inspiring and endearing.

We learn some interesting and surprising facts about Katz and “his boldly colorful, high-intensity art”.

He’s painting since seven decades, he had been commissioned to enhance the interior of a subway station in New York or also the fact that Since he met his wife Ada, in the fall of 1957, Katz has painted her more than two hundred times. “She’s a classic American beauty,” he says. “She’s also a European beauty.”

But above all we we meet an extraordinary artist, as the author says, “his confident, crisply articulated technique makes us see the world the way he sees it, clear and up close, with all but the most essential details pared away”.

At the end of the article we get the impression that we really know Alex Katz.

I think it thanks to the writing elements and techniques used to create this specific impression as a lots of descriptions, quotes, adjectives and thanks to the testimonials from people who know katz as well.

All of these contributed to make this incredible profile of Alex Katz, an American figurative artist associated with the pop art movement, that I highly recommend you to read.

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