Editorial issues arising from the use of Analytics in newsrooms

Newsrooms may face possible editorial issues arising from use of analytics and the need for quick updates on news stories.

Even if there’s some good facts about the arising use of analytics as the fact that you can more easily adapt to your readers because it can show you for example from where the reader come from and how many time they stay and so maybe arise the number of view of your website, it can become a bad obsession.

Effectively, SEO, Search engine optimisation, which ranks your search terms and how frequently or highly your website will be found online

To rank higher in search results, can lead to the abusive use of keywords and website are rapidly relying too much on it as the journalist of the BBC explained on the video.

Another problem is that Big news industry are always trying to find a way to know how the google algorithm works but google change it every year and it’s clearly impossible to know.


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