How Snapchat is changing conventional news environment?

Snapchat, the multimedia messaging app is offering a totally new environment for news with its Discover function a function that allows users to see reviews and breaking news  while scrolling their snapchat stories.

The Telegraph was the first quality UK news source to join Snapchat Discover, It’s an incredible opportunity  for Old Famous Newspaper as the Telegraph to attract a new audience.

Effectively snapchat’s user are between 18 and 24 years old, which is far from the demographic of the traditional readers of the Telegraph.

But The Telegraph had to adapt to snapchat and its new range of readers. To attract this younger demographic the Telegraph make sure the topic is always relevant to teens and young adults. For example this week I read article about Dating App as Tinder or Meghan Markle speech on Feminism.

There’s also interactive feature such as quizz. Also Since Snapchat is a mostly a visual platform, story has a strong visual aspect with videos, illustrations, animations etc..

But of course the Telegraph present, Breaking news, Major events coming up in the UK .

Thanks to snapchat the Telegraph added 1.04 million daily viewers on average this May, as McKenna Grant, Snapchat senior content editor at the publisher, told it’s also a good way to sensitize young readers, an audience that has always been low to read conventional news platforms.