mobile news gathering is changing journalism

Over the last few years there was a serious decline of the original paper-press in favor of the mobile news gathering. With the development of the technology people read more and more the news on their phones.

But mobile news gathering is changing journalism in different ways.

First of all,  it’s a totally new environment for news.  As the platforms are really different, it allows many more things. For example stories has a strong visual aspect with videos, animations and even interactive feature such as quiz which makes news more pleasant for the audience.  

The audience is changing as well as News are making their appearance on different social media application’s such as Twitter or Snapchat where the users are a way more younger than the demographic of the traditional news reader’s. Effectively, snapchat’s users are between 18 and 24 years old and you can easily find the news on Snapchat Discover function which is a function that allows users to see breaking news  while scrolling their snapchat stories.

News are also easier of access since you can just check them at any time, anywhere because it’s all on your phone.

We can say that Mobile News gathering is a type of rebirth and a second chance for News by sensitize young readers, an audience that has always been low to read conventional news platforms but also by making news a lot more attractive.


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