The Mercato Metropolitano an incredible food market to discover!

Inside of the mercado metropolitan, Picture taken by Yasmine Taviot

Pictures taken by Yasmine Taviot 


The mercato metropolitano as the name suggest takes its origins from Italy. It’s a 45,000 square feet sustainable community food market with food stalls, bars and shops located between Borough and Elephant and Castle.
In the “Mercato” there’s so much to try! You can eat whatever you want from Argentinian meat to pizzas from naples while being in really vibrant place.  The prices depend on what you eat, but I saw no complains about the prices, mostly the people says it’s a good quality-price

Effectively, all everything is made for you to enjoy a very friendly moment. Take the example of the table they are huge and you can share them with people you don’t know to make new friend and at the place of waiting for the food standing in front of the stand they give you a beeper for to you to stay with your family and friends, and call you back when it’s ready.

They claim that they want to have a small impact on everyone’s well being. Frank a father of two said to me ” We really enjoy coming here with the child, the food is always incredible and it’s such a really cool atmosphere”

We have to note that on the top of that, The mercato Metropolitano is also a movement. The “MM movement” as they call it is a reaction to large scale big industry which is overdeveloped and short on principles . They explain as you can find on their website that their approach is to rely on the basic principles of “small is beautiful” and “natural is good”. So they claim that their products come from small-scale farmers and local producer.

The Mercato is Also organising a lot of events as cooking class, art exhibition or live music performance , even movie projection in their Cinema and so much more.

Mercato Metropolitano : 42 Newington Causeway London SE1 6DR

open Tues-Sat, 11am -11pm | Sun, 11am – 10pm

tel: +44 20 7403 0930

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