nowadays, do we really need Journalists?

Nowadays,  thanks to technological development, citizens are more and more engaged in journalism through not only blogs but also social media. Participatory journalism is now a thing,  it that led to asking ourselves what is the role of a journalist in a world where news is provided by citizen journalism and user-generated content.

Even if Participatory journalism is an emergent phenomenon, Journalists remain important in today’s world.

First of all, the Journalist is formed to do their jobs. They know exactly how to write articles. They are accurate in what they are saying and have a duty of objectivity, while citizen journalists are not obliged to, and so their opinions can easily take over the information.  The journalist is here to help public opinion while citizen journalist is self-interested.

Furthermore, in a world where we are surrounded by fake news the Theory of Gatekeeping explain to us a major role of a journalist. Journalists decide what information should move to the audience and what information should not,  depending on sources, reliability and contain. Clay Shirky, an adjunct professor at New York University, said according to we media, “ the order of things in broadcast is ‘filter, then publish’. The order of thing in communities is ‘publish, then filter’ ”

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