Everyday Justice

This thursday 15th october 2018, I went for the first time a court visit, more precisely a magistrates’ court.

First of all the, the building was an old grayish building, nothing as what I was thinking about, coming to this court visit. I was explained after that this court was the bottom of the judicial judgment, everyone comes here, from murders to the people who have not paid their tickets. What shocked you from the beginning is the really silent atmosphere. You walk through the door,  there’s a security control of course and you are immediately in this stressful atmosphere of concentration where people are going to know what’s gonna happen in their future.

I really realised it when I went into audiences.

In the public space there’s lots of rules to follow, No phone, No drinks, No hats, No talking.. and immediately you realise how serious it is to be here.

Some defendants pleaded guilty for drink driving and paid some fines, and some were here for more serious case as assault, and what you can see in their eyes is totally different. In this tiny dark public space, I saw parents sitting next to me stressing and crying when their daughter been sentenced. I saw also the will of young men to defend themselves.

What I realized is that, I wasn’t watching TV or something, I was here, a few centimeters aways from people that were playing their future. While sitting there I feld involve in what was happening, sometimes sad, and sometimes i was stressing as if it was me.

Maybe we should  all do that once, to realize how much we don’t want to be sitting in front of Magistrates, alone and playing our future even if we only forgot to pay fines because it’s literally more stressful than what you think.


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I have grown up with two different cultures that have played a major role in shaping me into the person I am today. Coming from a mixed heritage has exposed me to different Oriental and Western traditions and ways of life which have helped me to have a certain open-mindedness. My two passions are volunteering and traveling. I have moved from Marrakech to London in 2018 for University.