Linder Sterling 85 meter long art installation’s made it apparition at the Southwark tube Station

photo by Thierry Bal

A 85 meter long art installation made it apparition at Southwark tube station.
The TFL decided to made the tube station more joyful with the incredible work of the British collage artist Linder Sterling.

This piece called “The Bower of Bliss” was made of photomontage using imagine of fashion or domestic magasin that according to the Time Out London, Linder been with for the past last three years. She describes her practice as working like a “ventriloquist” looking to reanimate her images with a “certain state of mind.” according to Go London.

The artist that lives for last past 4 month in the borough “hopes to challenge and disrupt the cultural expectations placed upon women and their bodies by reclaiming them to form a picture of empowerment”

Effectively this work is a part of #BehindEveryCity a campaign launched by the mayor of london Sadiq Khan which challenges gender inequality in the capital. The TFL is part of the campign and aims to push underrepresented female artists to the fore.

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