The Aftermath VR app, the future of news.

One of knight foundation ideas is the Aftermath VR app, an application from the New Cave Media lead by Alexey Furman which aim to create an app that would apply photogrammetry, which uses photography to measure and map objects, to recreate three-dimensional scenes of news events such as mass shootings or natural disaster and narrate what happened through voiceover and archival footage.

There’s some editorial opportunities about this app. First of all the Virtual Reality could show exactly to the readers what it is exactly happening which can make readers more sensitive and more involved. It could make the news more dynamic as well, more real. As it is a more interactive content it could also attract a more younger audience.

But there’s some pitfalls as well. Effectively, technology is not 100% reliable and is really expensive. For example this project cost $20,000. On the top of that we have no guarantee that the project gonna be a success or not. We’re also not sure on how the people are going to react because although the people are going to feel more involve we can’t know at which extend and how they could react and be affected mentally.


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