the Salmon Youth centre fight Knight crime with art

As the number of young people affected by knife is raising day after day in London, the Salmon Youth centre decided to react by launching an incredible art installation experience. The installation is thought to be the first of its kind addressing to knife crime.

The exhibitions called ‘Re-claim: Memories Lived’ regroup 500 handmade artworks from photography to paintings but also performance art, sound and many more created by the  salmon members for the project. “It’s about exploring this subject but from young people’s perspective” as you can read in their website. 

Effectively Knife Crime in London is a huge problem today, there’s more and more victim. Police are failing to solve 63 percent of knife crimes committed against under-25s as stabbing incidents soar, The Independent can reveal. According to the BBC it ” rose by 22% in England and Wales in 2017, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS)”. The exhibitions may sensibilize young people and parents as well of the problem and mak thing change because as we all know art is a good weapon.

The exhibition will last until Tuesday 27th November, but can only be viewed by appointment. To arrange a viewing you can call the reception at this number : 020 7237 3788


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