How fake news is affecting the political dialogue?

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Nowadays, Fake news on social media is a known issue. Clay Shirky, an adjunct professor at the New York University, said to we media, “ the order of things in broadcast is ‘filter, then publish’. The order of thing in communities is ‘publish, then filter’”. 

The problem is that when fake news are about politics it’s affecting the political dialogue.  

Frequently when it comes to political dialogue, elections or scandal people are searching news on social media as twitter. What they are reading is not necessarily true but influence their opinions and sometimes their votes. In fact, if you do not transcribe the entirety of a speech, some part can change the meaning, two politicians who discuss you can trafic the answers or questions, if someone decide to attack a political group they put in before the defects or statements limits forgetting to publish the context or the positive things.  

To avoid political misinformation and fake news,  political leaders have now social media’s account and are posting things regularly.  Fake news are aiming to inflame the debate by, for instance,  promoting an individual or a group interest.


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