The 10th annual “Carols and Lights Christmas Parade” of London bridge

The illuminated Christmas tree of Hay's Galleria and the hand-made lantern (picture taken by Yasmine Taviot)

Thursday 29th november 2018, the the annual Chores and Lights Christmas Parade took it place. The event marked the 10th years anniversary of this London bridge community Christmas.

The carol service and lanterne parade performed by the children of the Snowfield and Tower Bridges primary school has begun from City Hall to the Potters Field Park, went through the  Hay’s Galleria to ended in the London Bridge Station were a Santa Claus invented by hamleys came to say hi to the children.

The children were accompanied by their teacher and family and two dancers dressed as princesses.

They made the countdown of the illumination of the christmas trees of the Hay’s Galleria and London bridge station.

While the people were here they were able to enjoy the annual Christmas by the River market .

The event were in partnership with Network Rail, London bridge, Pret, potterfield,  Hotel chocolate, Hamleys toys, Hay’s Galleria.

Laurence H. the project manager for network rail said “ It brings the station alive”

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