I’ve been to the UK’s favourite christmas destination, Winter Wonderland, and here’s what I thought of it!

the Munich Looping, picture by Marc Oliver John

For the 12th year, Hyde Park is Hosting again the Winter Wonderland park, A huge Festive Fun Fair. Since I’m in London I can’t stop hearing about it so I decided to go there and here’s what I think about it!

Let’s start with the beginning. Unless you took some tickets in advance, the queue to come inside the park is huge. Although the entrance is free, since you pay attraction by attraction, the reason why is that they search your bags. Winter wonderland is surrounded by 5 gates, including one for families and one for the pre-booked Ticket since there is a lot of people.

Pre-booked tickets are pass you took in advance depending on what you want to do. (shows, rides, activities etc..)

The atmosphere inside is magic. If you want to spend a really romantic moment or just enjoy with your friends and family you should definitely go there . I didn’t had the times to see a show but for the side of the coasters it was incredible, for everyone from toddlers to adult in search of thrills. Although I think the prices are a little bit expensive (on average £7 per attraction for an adult and  £5 for the children under 12 ), and try to control yourself if you can when it comes to play games you will never win to get a stuffed toy.

Elias Rahmouni, an 18 years old student that lives in London since September told me “I really liked the park, the queues for the coasters were surprisingly not really long, and they put games on it which I thought is really cool. In addition the food of the food stalls was very good” 

The Park also propose, the UK’s largest outdoor ice rink, different shows, bars (even an ice one), food stalls and a christmas market.

What I can tell you is that you will leave, children or adult, with the eyes full of stars. I can now say  “I’ve walked in the winter wonderland”

Winter Wonderland opens from 10am to 10pm everyday until the 6th January. The park will be closes only for Christmas.