VT Brexit

Protesters at Parliament square

Our VT was about the public’s thoughts and reservation around brexit. We were covering this story as the parliament was voting the day after on a deal or no deal brexit.

We went to Parliament square to interviews both sides protesters to know their thoughts about the vote and in a deal or a no deal brexit.

We set up our camera and other equipment and went to film our VT which contains

PTC and General views and Vox pop.  After that on friday we edited the VT and did the voice over.

What we realise when analyzing our VT is that the VT have good content, the editing was  well done except the fact that we had problems with the sounds. Also there was too many voices in our report and there should be only one constant voice to avoid the audience to be confused.

I learned that we need to interviewee people that know what they are talking about and make them spell their names. We also need to have eye contact with the people we are talking to and the camera.  We have to keep the audience engage by making everything for them to really understand the story and not get lost with to many pieces of information.

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