Workbook – Digital journalism 2

Week 2 – February 4th


  • Digital Journalism 2: We talked about Data and how we can use it to create a story.
  • Visual Data – Infographics


  • Assessments : – INFOGRAPHIC:  80% – PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT: 20%
  • Introduction to

Week 3, February 11th

Morning :

  • we spoke about the homework
  • Data terminology
  • Average, Median, mode
  • Per cent/ Percentage point
  • I had an idea for my Data story. My idea was to create a story about homeless people sleeping a street in London
  • check the Data sources
  • Check how big or accurate is the data sample?

Week 4, February 18th  


  • I thought of talking about homelessness for my Infographic story

Afternoon :

  • Excel workshop

Week 5, February 25th

Morning :

Talk of George

  • Big data: information assets with four v’s :
  • Data security & governance
  • Managing the process
  • Know your data sources
  • Data integration
  • Data cleansing/wrangling
  • Generating useful Insights: Tools – Skills – machine learning – storytelling etc..
  • Michael: finding data set for stories (where)

Afternoon :

  • Excel Workshop

Week 7, March 11th

Morning :

  • We spoke about our ideas and sources of our Infographic/Data Story
  • Fighthoax benchmarking work on projects

Afternoon :

  • Talk about the collaboration with Ryerson University in Toronto

Week 8, March 18th

Morning :

  • We talked about how an Editor should make a decision for an event as the attack that happened in New Zealand last week
  • We spoke about the improvements we did on our Infographic/Data Story: I thought I could maybe talk about why the number of sleeping rough is rising since 2010 → record number in 2018. What is done for that to stop? maybe deaths because of rough sleeping?
  • Fighthoax benchmarking work on projects –> facebook articles

Afternoon :

  • Workshop on InDesign CC software
  • We also saw how important the design is for Infographics for example as the colours

Week 9, March 25th


  • Analyzing an article of the “The national” a newspaper that supports an independent Scotland
  • Fighthoax benchmarking work on projects –> facebook articles
  • I changed my Idea for infographics: thinking about Gender inequalities in movies or the movie industry

March 27th

  • After my meeting with Mickael, I think I’m gonna talk about Gender inequalities particularly for Movie Directors
  • Data: http://www.5050× + +

Week 10

  • started my Infographic on venngage

Week 11

April 29th

  • Showed Mickael my Infographics: Advice: Change the order because Nominations et Rewards goes together and Presidents of the Jury and the Directorate together
  • I changed the orders this afternoon

April 30th

  • Showed my infographic again to Mickael and he approved it 

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