Fears grow for sperm whale in Thames Estuary

Fears are growing for a whale which has swum up the River Thames.

The large Sperm Whale was spotted off the north Kent coast yesterday lunchtime and was seen moving slowly around the stretch of water.  It is being monitored by a local diving group.

Experts are concerned the 50ft long mammal has become trapped on mudflats at low tide.

The whale was first seen around 100 metres off the coast of Whitstable in Kent, and then it moved to a channel in the estuary known as the Swale.

The whale is around 600 miles from its natural habitat and there are concerns the river estuary may not be deep enough for its echolocation to work properly.

One expert has given the animal a one per cent chance of survival with journalist Adam Gillham posting on Twitter: “It doesn’t look good for the poor thing.”

Whales are not usually found in UK waters, but they have been spotted in the Thames before.

A Beluga whale called Benny appeared in the River at Gravesend in September 2018 and is thought to have made its way back out to sea.

Two other whales were also found dead in the river last year.

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