A Bar’s Answer To Retro Gaming – The Four Quarters Peckham

(Pic: Four Quarters in Peckham boasts many classic arcade games. Credit: The Four Quarters Facebook)

Arcade cabinets are making a comeback in London as “gaming bars” expand with the popularity of bistros with social gaming spaces, Liam Terry reports

A retro gaming inspired bar, The Four Quarters Peckham, has recently opened a new and luxurious bar and club space dubbed “The Confession Box” that serves cocktails as you relax and play classic arcade games. The new space shows how the popular demand for video game themed spaces are creating more chains in London.

The bar has a unique schedule, opening mostly later on weekdays to help accustom to it’s audience and features upwards of 15 classic arcade cabinets. It’s unique draw however – is that these machines run on US quarters, hence the prominence in the bar’s name, which customers can buy 4 quarters for £1.

With the advent of home consoles dominating the gaming markets noways, it’s easy to forget where the popularisation of video games generally begun. During the 80’s gaming arcades would situate on street corners, filled to the brim with colourful rows of cabinets. Though the trend eventually fell behind, establishments have been once again trying to capture that classic retro atmosphere – and bars such as The Four Quarters Peckham is one such example.

Bars are becoming a great way for pub industry to tap into the gaming society, with many eSport themed bars opening yearly. Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has expressed his desire for London to be more eSport focused in the future, with the knock on effect of more social gaming spaces to be built and opened around London in the future such as the upcoming Red Bull Gaming Sphere.




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