London’s Air pollution to see a huge drop in the next few months

(Pic: Air quality in London still poses risks to people’s health. Credit: Liam Terry)

Air pollution in London is down by 89% during the London marathon which is a clue on how to beat pollution, Liam Terry reports

The City of London has been trying to future-proof ways of creating a sustainable clean air solution. Non-eco friendly diesel cars are now being charged fines up to £130 in places of East London, as an induction to a new potential solution.

London’s history with air pollution has never been a clean record; constant measures and new policies have tried to reduce the amount nitrogen dioxide in the air that’s produced yearly.

New records however might suggest a new approach; getting rid of cars entirely. London’s already made use of this approach by increasing the amount of public transport available, as well as the cycling companies.

Last year, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan introduced the T-charge as an effort to combat the use of cars driving in London, as well as certain emission zones which allow the use of specific vehicles only.

Pollutions in the air have also lead to heart conditions and health problems for people who suffer from asthma, and could be a early onset for hear disease. 

The Royal College of Physicians conducted a report that found over 40,000 people in the UK die from air pollution related causes.

Their response to this study said: “We are encouraged to act immediately to protect the health, wellbeing and economic sustainability for our generation and those of the future.”






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