Second live show review

The second week of live shows showed massive improvements, probably because we were more confident and relaxed in our roles. Again the production team were calm and great along with the presenters. The presenters seemed more relaxed, making it less awkward and more friendly. Although there were technical issues again with sound, it still was a really great show. 

Within my role of assistant website editor, I felt I had fully immersed myself into this role. I tried my best to keep on top of what was being published. As we only found out later on that we could gain access to see everyones posts in draft form. I tried to keep everything in the house style and worked closely with Saf all day working well together. 


Again this week within my VT team I was editor, ensuring we had the right shots and everything was going according to plan. I thought this week our VT was much better quality, even though we didn’t manage to get an expert interview, we were still able to produce a good quality VT package.