Underbelly, Almost out of Season

The UnderBelly Festival is now a staple of the Southbank experience, with this summer bringing the festival to its 9th year in the area. The bright and summery atmosphere make it a perfect place to relax in the sun with a burger and a pitcher, listening to fantastic local entertainers and being around good friends. However, we’re coming around to the last leg of the summer and with that shift to gloomy middays and cold afternoons, the crowd that the summer brings in fail to make an appearance. But while the summer crowd may go, the shift in weather brings a shift in the clientele as the space welcomes the London nightlife, offering one of the largest outdoor bars in the area and a variety of delicious international street food. During my time at the venue however, it was clear that the great atmosphere and tasty food comes at a premium, meaning it may be a place to avoid if you’re running on a tight budget. The gorgeous venue looks like a perfect place for students at this time of year however, as long as their pockets are on the deeper side and they don’t mind having to wrap up warm.