Clamping down on illegal immigrants results in fines for hundreds of landlords

In the last year, increased government pressure on investigating illegal immigrants has resulted in hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of fines being issued to landlords across the country.

Since the start of last year, official figures show that 311 fines have been given out, with a total value amounting to just over £200,000. This comes after the home office cracked down on landlords who do not comply with Right to Rent laws, where landlords or householders must ensure tenants or lodgers have the right to be in the country and are in possession of a passport or identity card. Fines of up to £3000 per tenant can be issued to landlords who are in breach of this law.

Campaigners argue that this clampdown is discriminatory and creates a “hostile environment” for migrants and asylum seekers in the country. A Home Office spokesperson objects these claims, stating “It is everyone’s interest that we tackle illegal immigration… the Right to Rent scheme is just one of the ways in which we are making it more difficult for those with no right to be in the UK to live and work here”

Here are the penalties for illegal renting in the UK: