Kasabian at the 02 Arena

While the genre of rock music seems to be on the decline in popularity, Kasabian have taken the wheel and spun the genre back on the right track, with their 6th studio album ‘For Crying Out Loud’; prompting a sold out worldwide tour.

Touring with the rock band is the alternative act Slaves, getting the crowd warmed up with their post punk-rock musical rebellion against society. The two man group, equipped with only a stripped down drum kit and bass guitar, paired with lead singer Issac Holman’s angry and course vocals proved to be a bit hit and miss with the crowd but were certainly memorable to say the least.

Kicking off their December 1st show at the 02 with their opener for the new album ‘Ill Ray (The King), followed quickly by Eez-eh and Bumblebee; keeping the same electrifying energy of the start throughout the performance. Although the tour is named the Crying Out Live tour, the show seemed to be a collection of their greatest hits. Leading the crowd through a series of their best bangers, lead guitarist and songwriter Pizzorno keeps up the energy like a true rockstar with every song being delivered with more energy than the last. “This is our best tour, six dates so far, and its been insane every night, unbelievable”

Seemingly ending of the show with a rendition of LSF, backed by the DMU Gospel Choir before leaving the stage to deafening applause. As the applause refuses to quiet down, seemingly growing louder; the band explode back on stage, delivering their best performance of the night of Comeback KidVlad the Impaler and Fire. 

Electrifying, easily one of the defining acts of the year.