The Red Lion

The Red Lion play proved to be a creative hat trick: Clever, Funny and Emotional

The play is focused on the journey of a promising new player Jordan (Dean Bone), the pragmatic new manager Kidd (Stephen Tompkinson) and the passionate ex-manager turned kit washer Yates (John Bowler) as they clash over the running of the Red Lion football club. Its a story of the conflict in the football industry, the divide between the passion for the sport and the desire to become wealthy and famous. Kidd argues that his methods are making the club more professional, but the ageing football legend Yates fights Kidd every step of the way, worried that he is killing the ‘beautiful game’.

The play is held in the very intimate Trafalgar Studios, seating only 100. This small space proved to be perfect for the tone of the story, set in the locker room of the club throughout the play. Being less than 2 meters away from the actors: you feel like you are part of the club too, dragging the passion out of you for the sport that you didn’t even know you had. 

The Red Lion was thoughtful, heart wrenching and laugh out loud funny, well worth the watch.

The play runs from the 1st of November to the 2nd of December: