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How These Books Are Making A Difference

How These Books Are Making A Difference


A local bookstall near the Southbank Centre has become ‘the talk of the town’.

The bookstall has been voluntarily run for nearly 3 years by its current owner Lucie and her brother James. 

When asked about the origin of the books Lucie said; “most of the books themselves are from a wholesalers and we just make the prints for them”. This means that even older books are revamped so that they can find a new home too.

Lucie started her volunteering work for her brother 3 years ago after he bought the stall off the previous owners and promised to continue their legacy.

Ruth, a customer visiting London from Australia, commented; “its like being back at home”. And her teenage daughter, Jess also spoke about the quaint stall saying; “it reminds us of the ones we have back home.”


Paris Tundervary