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Charity run by council sets up community hub for all ages

Charity run by council sets up community hub for all ages

The Elephant and Castle Community Hub offers free wellness activities, fitness classes and arts & crafts workshops for all ages. Located in the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, it’s accessible for just about anyone, and has become a big part within Southwark’s Council due to its growing success of engaging with the public.

Pictured above: Lorena Malone, who voluntarily runs a creative workshop at the community.

Lorena Melone, a volunteer worker at the hub, runs creative workshops in order to get all parts of the community involved. She has been running her current workshop for 4 months so far and enjoys how “people from different backgrounds get together”.

Daisy, from Croydon, is a regular attendee at the workshop and thinks that it is a “really good community from Southwark Council”. The 2 hour workshop helps Daisy escape from her troubles and meet people from “all other walks of life.”

She is also part of a community action team where she lives but due to not having a community hub her, she comes to this one as a way to relax.

The way the Southwark Council has run the timetabled events are so there are lots of things for different ages, and there are always things scheduled for people in its area.

However, it was announced back in July 2018 that there were plans for the shopping centre to be demolished by the council, which sent locals into a frenzy as many would lose their jobs and the hub would have to relocate, leaving more vulnerable residents stranded from attending.


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Paris Tundervary